The Team

Marie Fox holds the Queen Victoria Chair of Law, in the School of Law and Social Justice at the University of Liverpool and is the School’s Research Lead for Law. She has previously worked at the Universities of Lancaster, Queen’s Belfast, Manchester, Keele and Birmingham. Her research as also been funded by the ESRC, Wellcome Trust and Socio-legal Studies Association. She is a Trustee and Homing Officer for North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue. Marie is a co-ordinating editor of the journals Social & Legal Studies and Medical Law International, and sits on the editorial boards of the Journal of Law and Society and the interdisciplinary journal Somatechnics.

Mo Ray worked as a social worker with older people before completing her PhD and joining the Social Work team at the University of Keele. After many years as Director of Studies at Keele, she moved to the University of Lincoln as Professor of Health and Social Care in the School of Health and Social Care. Her current research interests focus on experiences of care and social care and social relationships in old age. She shares her home with a number of rescued companion animals.
Michael Toze is a lecturer in public health in the Lincoln Medical School. He previously worked in local government before returning to university to do a PhD on LGBT+ ageing and general practice. Michael is conducting many of the interviews on the Pets in Care Homes project. He lives with Oscar, a rescue cat.

Carol Gray is a qualified veterinary surgeon who spent 15 years in clinical practice and was a lecturer in the veterinary school at the University of Liverpool. Having completed a PhD at the University of Birmingham in 2019 she now holds an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship in the School of Law and Social Justice at Liverpool, developing her doctoral research on consent and shared decision-making in the veterinary clinic. She is also a trustee of North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue.